Sueetie Goes Drupal

I invested a lot of development and marketing effort into toward the end of my .NET Decade. Sueetie was an Online Community Platform that never pulled in enough eyeballs and dollars to keep the lights on. During its 3 year run there were many who got what I was trying to do with an Open Source-based alternative to the high dollar .NET-based Community Platforms out there. They participated in the Sueetie Community and, just like me, invested a lot of time and effort in their own Online Community sites built with Sueetie.  For them I wanted to keep Sueetie alive so at the very least they had access to the extensive library of Sueetie technical documentation.

But as a .NET site had to go. I moved all of my clients and personal sites from Windows to Linux, and Sueetie was my last site running on a Windows Server.  Even though Sueetie was a platform for building Online Communities in .NET it was no exception. And Boom Baby! now powered by Drupal and hosted on a Linux Server I can shout “free at last!”

Here’s a screenshot of the original site Home Page.

What was Trashed, What was Saved

We’re going to step quickly through the new Drupal site areas, but first the objectives for the Sueetie Archives.

  1. The main objective was to preserve Sueetie technical documentation for existing users. Over 200 documents were converted from the Wiki to the Drupal CMS and are available in their original format.
  2. I wanted to provide a historical record of Sueetie and its features for those of us who loved working with Sueetie and writing code in it. So for Sueetie Nation I assembled a number of screenshots from the original site and put them in a Drupal Media Gallery.
  3. I wanted to make sure Sueetie was available to those who might discover it in the future, so I added a Downloads section for the various Sueetie offerings and latest updates.
  4. People who wanted to purchase Sueetie licenses and venture capitalists needed a way to contact me…

The new is not a Community Site like the original. There are no users and registration is disabled on Sueetie Drupal. There is no forum for questions. There is no blog, since there is no “news.” I didn’t feel it was necessary to preserve the original blog. The Sueetie Wall was trashed, too, as its role was for news items and user announcements that didn’t justify blog postings.

Sueetie On Drupal

You can go to and check out these pages yourself, but here’s a quick walk-through.

The new Drupal Home Page. Tabbed sections include About, Documentation, Screenshots, Downloads and Contact.

CMS pages from the original like Compare Editions and Feature List were converted to Drupal and placed in the About section. Here’s the Compare Editions page.

This is a nutty screenshot coming up and I apologize in advance for the scrolling you’ll have to do, but I wanted to give you an idea of how many technical documents were migrated from the Sueetie Wiki to Drupal CMS. Over 200 as I mentioned earlier. This is the index page of the Documentation Area.

Here is the media gallery with screenshots of various Sueetie features: the Communications Module, eCommerce, Sueetie Analytics, Site Access Control, Gamification Features, and so on.

I wanted to continue making Sueetie available, so in place of the original Marketplace I added a download page.

And the obligatory Contact Page.

Sueetie on Drupal. Funny how things change. Some times weird, but always forward.