Prelude to a Drupal Site

I’ll be blogging about a Drupal site I just started working on, how often I don’t know. This is strictly an after-hours project, so don’t expect a heavy dose of Drupal out of the gate. I thought I’d get things started with some background on the site.

You may or may not know that during my .NET years I built an Online Community Application called Sueetie. I personally thought it was a great platform, but it never got the love it needed to stay on the air. Either it wasn’t as great an idea I thought it was or I simply couldn’t sell it, so after 3 years I announced that Sueetie development was at an end. Since then I kept the site online at the request of its users, but it’s becoming time to close the doors and move on.

I don’t want to simply take Sueetie offline or leave some lame “Thank you for your support” message. Sueetie deserves better, so I want to create a historical archive to record Sueetie’s place in time.

Sueetie was a .NET application, but that doesn’t mean its archives site will be. The question then is “Which Linux web platform to use?” WordPress is sufficiently versatile enough to do the job, but I wanted a reason to work with Drupal and converting the primary Sueetie CMS pages and Wiki is a perfect opportunity. Drupal it is!

The intention of the archived Sueetie site isn’t to duplicate the original site’s blogs, media galleries, wiki pages, forum discussions and other content. The goal is to preserve Sueetie’s documentation, so replicating the CMS pages and Wiki will be a sufficient achievement. We’ll definitely be getting up close and personal with Drupal’s CMS functionality, perhaps other modules as well. We’ll also get a good handle on Drupal Site Management. In the process there will be a lot to learn and interesting blogging material.

Speaking of blogging, this site introduction post was originally intended to describe the process of creating the early version of the Sueetie Archives site home page shown below. For now I’ll show you the end result and how we got there next time. It was actually an interesting process that I think you’ll find interesting, too, especially if you’re not familiar with Drupal.