Drupal Page One

Last time I gave you an introduction to the Drupal site I recently started working on as an after-hours project. Today I’m going to describe the process of creating the simple Home Page shown here. The site is using Drupal’s default theme and the home page is an early version of what the end result will no doubt look like, but there were a number of interesting aspects involved in constructing this simple page.

Getting Started

The first thing we do is use Drupal’s Add Content feature. By default we have two options, an Article and a Basic Page. We select Basic Page, enter a title and content. We publish it and promote it to display on the home page.

The goal is a page with a single content block displaying the content’s complete text, not a teaser. We don’t want a “Read More” link and we don’t want to display a login form.

Adding a Content Type

We’re going to create a new Drupal Content Type which displays the full text rather than the abstract (or teaser) which the Basic Page Content Type displays.  We’ll call it “Full Content” and for display options select full content.

Now let’s take a look at our Home Page. We’re almost there, but we have a “Read More” link that we don’t want (circled.)

There are a number of suggested solutions to this, typically involving either CSS or PHP template hacks or both.  Here’s a much better approach, the Read More module. With the Read More module we can show the Read More link when we want to, both globally and per Content Item.

Now let’s look. Content area is perfect.

Drupal Blocks

One thing yet to do is remove the login form.  We’ll do that using Drupal block management and change the display of the User login to “none.”

And there you have it. Drupal Page One!