Creating Content Lists in Drupal

As part of migrating a .NET site to Drupal I needed to duplicate the original site’s File Download functionality. Here’s a screenshot to give you the idea.

A Content Type Within a View Within a…

Here’s the simple logic to creating content lists in Drupal: 1) Create a Content Type for each item in the list, then 2) Create a View to display the Content Type AS a list.  We’ll be doing that in Structure.

You’ll need to install the Views Drupal Module for this in Drupal 7. Views will be part of Drupal Core in v8.

File Download Item Content Type

Our File Download Item Content Type is going to represent each download area in the list and its design is real simple. All we’re doing is adding a File field.

And we’re done, with “File Download Item” appearing in our Content Type List. Now we can create a few Download Items.

The File Download List View

Time to construct our Download List View to display the Content Items we just created. The primary logic points in wiring up our list are circled below. At top we select our Content Type and below we display that content in a list.

We have many display options on the View form, including content area headers and footers. We added a footer to our Download List.

There it is. Grab the Views Module, create a content type for the list item, then a view to display the content type in a list. Nice!