Changing Colorbox Size in Drupal Media Gallery

You don’t have to be a control freak to want to be able to set the dimensions of your media gallery lightbox images.  Here’s what I’m talking about. You know, a lightbox, of an image, in the Drupal Media Gallery.

New Drupal Image Style

We’re going to create a new image style which the Media Gallery lightbox display is going to use. I’m going to go for an 800×600 size.

The trick to specifying our image size is by adding the “Scale” effect to the image style circled above.

Assigning the Gallery Lightbox Images to the New Image Style

Now it’s a matter of assigning the Media Gallery lightbox display to our new image style. We go to File Types for that.

We select Images and are shown the various image types our site supports. Simply select Media Gallery Lightbox and our new Lightbox Image Style.

What about images different or larger than our Image Style dimensions?

You may be wondering about images like web pages or reports that may be very narrow but very long.  Not to worry. Colorbox does a great job adhering to your maximum image sizes and keeps the image centered and on the screen.