Configuring the Drupal Media Gallery Module

Configuring the Drupal 7.x Media Gallery Module isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but the end result is worth it. Just take a look at some snaps.

The Ol’ Requirements Two-Step

There are a lot of required modules that comprise a Drupal Media Gallery, and the best plan of attack is to go to the Media Gallery Module download page and step through the requirements, installing them from the base.

What I mean in “from the base,” let’s look at the required Media module.  If you go to the Media Module page you’ll find that it requires CTools.  We see CTools doesn’t require any other modules so we download and install it. Then we step backwards through the other required modules and find the base module with no other requirements.

That should result in a fully functional Media Gallery and you’ll see a new “Galleries” main menu item on your site.

Bells and Whistles

No Media Gallery is complete without a few bells and whistles, specifically a multi-upload widget and a Lightbox plugin.

Those modules are Plupload and Colorbox. Plupload is pretty much plug-n-play, while Colorbox may appear more complicated. There are numerous guides on configuring Colorbox out there. The issue with Colorbox is that its configuration for Media Gallery has changed over time. If you read that you need to filter out Media Gallery directories for the gallery to use its own implementation of Colorbox, you may be reading an outdated post.

For Colorbox be sure the JS library has been loaded to your /sites/all/libraries/colorbox folder (along with your Plupload JS library) and set the media to display in a lightbox on your Drupal Gallery configuration page. Your /sites/all/libraries and /sites/all/modules should look a lot like the following screenshot when your Media Gallery installation is complete.

The screenshots are on a development site not publicly available, but trust me the Media Gallery works as advertised.  I’ll let you know when my Drupal site with the Media Gallery is clickable.