Announcing CodeJohnny: A Java Code Generator for Eclipse

CodeJohnny is a Java Code Generator for Eclipse and my latest product. I released CodeJohnny yesterday at where you’ll find a lot of information on what it is and how to get the most benefit from it.

Those of you who know my history know that when I was a .NET guy I was a huge CodeSmith for Visual Studio fan. Now a Linux Man who lives in Eclipse and Java, I’ve been searching for a code generation tool to boost my coding productivity the way CodeSmith did for me in Windows World. I didn’t find anything that fit me so I built CodeJohnny.

I designed CodeJohnny to have a similar feel to CodeSmith, with a template-based, property-centric, data-driven approach to generating code. CodeJohnny isn’t as sophisticated as CodeSmith (not yet anyway), but to me has the same vibe. There’s a CodeJohnny Client Project where the templates are located. A behind-the-scenes CodeJohnnyServer.jar does the heavy lifting of converting MySql and PostgreSQL data objects to Java Code and passing it along to the CodeJohnny Client. The CodeJohnny Plugin is the final piece which displays the generated code right in the Eclipse Editor.  It recognizes .CJT files as templates as you see below.

The CodeJohnny Code Generator Editor has two tabs at the bottom that switch between the template and generated source code.

There’s a lot more to CodeJohnny, of course, but I won’t go into that here. You can learn more about it at

Packaging CodeJohnny and putting it online as a tool for other Eclipse developers is exciting, as it is to release any product. You never know if others will find value in it. But whether CodeJohnny sees any traction or not, I plan on using it every day, adding new templates and features along the way, and generating lots of code. Oh, and blogging about it no doubt. heh.