Upgrading Android Studio 0.8.9 to 0.8.14

Like any Android Developer using Android Studio, I was delighted to see the “Upgrade Available” notice when I fired up Android Studio today.

It wasn’t automatic, hence this quick post.

First, the Android SDK can no longer reside inside of the Android Studio application directory.

I’m pretty sure Android Studio installed the SDK here when I initially installed it, but that’s cool. As the message said, you’ll be prompted for the new location when the IDE reloads. Not a problem, but something to anticipate.

You may want to relocate the SDK before performing the upgrade because I’m pretty sure I didn’t perform the SDK relocation in the exact sequence Android Studio wanted me to, so I had another annoyance. Android Studio protested over a couple of idea files and refused to apply the upgrade patch to 0.8.14, so it loaded in 0.8.9 and I had to repeat the process.

After a couple more upgrade failures I wised-up and copied the offending idea files from the original Android-Studio download tar.gz into the Android Studio /bin directory.

That did it. I am now rocking in Android Studio 0.8.14 which so far has more than made up for any upgrade annoyances.