Installing the Android Development Tools in Eclipse

Here’s how to install the Android Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse Linux.

We’ll begin by downloading the Android SDK from the SDK Download Page on Google’s Android Developer site. We’re going to need the SDK later in Eclipse so we might as well grab it and have it ready. You don’t have to perform this step now, as Eclipse gives you the opportunity to download an SDK during the ADT Plugin Install. Doing it as a preliminary step seems to make the overall install a little cleaner.

We already have Eclipse installed (of course!) so we only need the SDK Tools, not the ADT Bundle which includes Eclipse. As of this post the SDK version is r23.0.2.

We’ve downloaded the Android SDK, un-zipped it and copied to a folder. For me that was /ubuntuland/utils/android-sdk-r23.0.2.

On to Eclipse!

On the Android Development site are instructions for installing the ADT plugin. We begin by adding the repository in Eclipse’s Software Library. Help -> Install New Software.

Enter the Url from the Android Developer Site and add the Plugin.

You’ll encounter a Security Warning dialog during the install. Click “OK.” Google’s own ADT Plugin Install instructions tell you the same thing.

The first thing we see after restarting Eclipse is a request to set the location of the Android SDK we downloaded as step #1.

Oh geez. Once we set the location of our Android SDK we’re told that we’re missing the SDK Platform Tools. Not a problem as we’ll see.

Click on “Open SDK Manager” and all of the available SDK Libraries are shown. This is a good time to select Google Play Services or other components you might need later.

Okay! We’re done loading the SDK Platform Tools and the bonus components like Google Play Services and Google Wear.

And with that, you are ANDROID ENABLED!