Announcing NixMashup Links for Android

I’m pretty jazzed the announce the availability of NixMashup Links for Android in the Google Play Store. The release of NixMashup Links for Android, along with completes the applications I had planned for my link posts. Though as I’ll explain later, it’s only the beginning!

Here are two screenshots of the app as it appears on an Android Phone. On the left is the initial screen with a link listing, on the right a single link view.

Features List

Version 1.0 of NixMashup Links for Android has a basic set of features to get us out of the gate.

  • Access to all NixMashup Links ever published
  • Links are downloaded in a background thread to make access fast and glitch-free
  • Seasonal photos of my awesome Burlington, Vermont area
  • Link display by tag
  • Fully searchable
  • Link to the source content with integrated Web View
  • Notification Service that can be enabled to run at device startup and inform the user when new links are posted

The NixMashup “Application Suite”

This might be a good time to cover the Life of a NixMashup Link and the members of the NixMashup Application Suite as I like to say. Many of you are probably familiar with the NixMashup posts here on NixMash. This is where NixMashup Links first appear. These are simple WordPress blog posts which I compile every few days, with each post containing 8 to 10 links.

Next up for NixMashup Links is where the links become individual posts. Before finding their way to the links are extracted from the WordPress post, tags are applied to each link, the newly created NixMashupLink objects are added to a Solr Search engine and stored in a PostgreSQL database. That process is performed by a Java Executable JAR I run after a NixMashup Post is published here on

Enter Android

With the NixMashup Links now individually addressable, tagged and searchable, I could now build an API and serve them up to devices like Android! Here’s the tablet version of NixMashup Links which unlike the phone display contains the link description in the list view thanks to the additional real estate.

The Future of NixMashup Links

I was busy building NixMashup Links for Android and haven’t blogged about the technical aspects of the app as I like to do. I hope to write more about the app’s design now that Version 1.0 is out the door. I also plan to get the Android code on GitHub.

As for features I’d like to build, with the ever-evolving Android ecosystem there is no limit to what I might add in the future. I’ll probably add OAuth login support and give users the ability to favorite, share and manage links. To be complete I should add similar functionality to the website as well. That gives me the opportunity to work more with Java Wicket-Bootstrap which I really enjoy.

If you’re an Android User, I hope you download NixMashup Links for Android and if you have any feedback please follow-up with me!