Android Coder: Getting the Most from NixMashupLinks On GitHub

I’m finally getting around to the Android Coder Series where we’ll dig into the source of my NixMashup Links for Android Application. Before looking at the application itself I thought it would be helpful to cover a few basics to help you get the most from the NixMashupLinks Source on GitHub that accompanies this series.

First, we’re working in Android Studio. Those of you who’ve spent any time on NixMash know I’m a big Eclipse Guy. Love Eclipse! However, for Android Development, it seems clear that Android Studio is the way to go. I continue to use Eclipse for any web and server-side development, like for the data APIs that feed NixMashupLinks for Android, but otherwise, it’ll be all Android Studio.

A Project In Motion

You’ll be seeing a lot of change in NixMashupLinks. How I do something in v1.1, for instance, may be completely different in a v2.0. Here are two such changes we’ll be seeing, the existing Navigation Drawer logic and current implementation of ListViews. Current Navigation Drawer logic is depreciated and replaced with a new Material Design/Toolbar/ActionBarActivity design. ListViews are now better served by the RecyclerView with ViewHolders and other design logic.

Scratching the Surface

We’ll be scratching the surface on subjects here, looking at the primary features of NixMashup Links which are basic to most Android Applications. Features planned include polling, notifications, background threads and lots of other stuff. If you ever feel the Android Coder posts lack the technical detail you’d like, know that all of the source code is on GitHub.

Features By Release Version

The features and updates of each release will be listed in the GitHub Readme, so if you’re looking for the source for creating Navigation Drawers you’ll find it in v1.1 and not v1.0.1.

Grab the Branch

I tag each version and store it in its own branch, so be sure to pull down the appropriate branch for the feature source you want. I’ll specifically list the version with each post when appropriate.

That should get us started. Now onto the application!