About Edgar's Purse

This is an archived version of the Edgar's Purse About Page. Also archived is the original Home Page and Request an Invite. Edgar's Purse was developed in Ruby on Rails by Dave Burke in June 2013 as proof on concept of a responsive Coupon Management app for both Desktop and Mobile use. The complete source code is available on GitHub.

Save money. Move coupons. Make friends.

Edgar's Purse is a coupon management service optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Coupons are entered in a desktop browser at your leisure and displayed on your smart phone while you shop. You check-off coupons while you shop and Edgar's Purse tracks your savings. And with the social features of Edgar's Purse you can follow the activities of your coupon-savvy friends and exchange savings tips from the field.

Edgar's Purse is designed for people who enjoy using coupons, but who are not "Extremers." Members of Edgar's Purse enter coupons of products they use every day, which they will decide upon using based on fluctuating in-store offers over the life of the coupon. Edgar's Purse gives you the ability to make smart decisions in real-time.

Purse Management Features

Edgar's Purse consists of two primary modes: Purse Management and Go Live! Before you can use coupons while you shop in Go Live! mode you need to enter them into your purse, so let's start with Purse Management.

Below is your Purse Home Page. Your savings activity and posts are listed on the right hand side of the page. You can jump to Go Live! mode or manage your purse.

Purse Home Page

Managing your purse is simple and takes very little of your time. When we talk about purse management, we're talking about two functions: adding coupons and adding stores. Edgar's Purse takes care of everything else for you.

As we mentioned earlier, Edgar's Purse is designed for you to enter coupons on your desktop and track using them on your mobile device. Your coupons are listed on your Purse Coupon Management Page, that is, your ACTIVE coupons are listed. Expired and used coupons are automatically removed from your purse coupon list display. You can also duplicate existing coupons with the one-click "copy" link.

Coupon Management Page

Adding new coupons is easy on our Coupon Form. You can update existing coupons here as well.

Adding a New Coupon

Entering stores for tracking your shopping and entering store-specific coupon types is a snap.

Adding a Store

Adding a Store

Go Live! Mode

Managing your purse is pain-free and can be fun, but Go Live! mode is where the coupon meets the road. In Go Live! mode you have your physical coupon purse with you in the store like always. With Edgar's Purse you know what's in your coupon purse at a glance, helping you make smarter purchases and saving money. It does not replace your coupon purse.

Here's a coupon purse we, um, borrowed from a fellow Edgar's Purse Crew member's desk. We keep telling him he doesn't have to bring it to work, but you know how some people can be with their coupon purse!

Edgar's Purse Crew Member Purse

Go Live! takes place on your smart phone while you're doing your normal shopping. We'll walk through the Go Live! experience screen-by-mobile-screen.

Go Live! Store Selection

We begin by selecting our store.

Go Live! Coupon Type` Selection

Next we enter the type of coupons we want to view, typically Manufacturer Coupons, "Other" coupon types, like store-loyalty or double-manufacturer offers, and the coupons from the store we're shopping in.

Go Live! Coupons In Play

And just like that we're at the culmination of the Go Live! experience, our Coupons In Play list. We check-off In Play Coupons as we put the items in the cart. Then at checkout we'll have those coupons ready to hand over to the cashier.

Go Live! Check out!

We click the Check Out! button and Edgar does the rest! Not only will we see how much we saved, but the shopping trip is recorded for our Saving Activity Reports.

The Edgar's Purse Community

We built social features into Edgar's Purse and will continue to add new ways for you to follow, interact with and learn from other couponers like yourself. We also plan on adding more geo-location intelligence as well. That way you can announce "Ben and Jerry's buy-one-get-one free at the Price Chopper in South Burlington!" on the Edgar's Purse Savings Stream and instantly make 20 new friends in your community!

Below is a screenshot of the site home page where registered users can view all community activity.

Edgar's Purse Home Page

Become a Part of Edgar's Purse

We are currently accepting invites for participation in Edgar's Purse savings. No automated memberships at this time because we want to control growth and ensure that everyone's experience is as perfect as we can make it. Please do not hesitate to complete the registration form to receive a membership invite.

One of the features still in the works is a news service. In the meantime we promise to keep all registered users updated on any news. If you want to talk to us as Edgar's Purse takes shape, please use our contact page!

Happy Couponing!

The Edgar's Purse Crew