NixMash is a different kind of Code Shop. We're a group of independent developers and designers based in Burlington, Vermont who together work as a virtual company on a project-by-project basis. NixMash was founded by Dave Burke who has more than 30 years of development experience in a range of industries and environments. You can think of NixMash as "Dave Burke and Friends."

Our business model works like this. We at NixMash are committed to Open Source technologies. In that spirit we spent nearly two years building a full featured Open Source application in Java with the Spring Framework called NixMash Spring. For those who might not know, Spring is far and away the most popular Java Framework for building web and cloud applications today. If you want to learn more about our NixMash Spring application, it is free to download on GitHub.

Let's say you want us to build you a new Website. We'll start with NixMash Spring and add the features you need, which is all you pay for. Everything else that you need with a website, User Logins, Password Recovery, Social Logins from services like Facebook, User Administration, Email Services, SEO Tracking and so on are already built-in. In other words, with any NixMash-built website you get two years of development time for free!

  • Linux as the Server Platform
  • Java
  • The Spring Framework
  • Gradle for Application Builds
  • Apache Solr Search Engine
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases
  • Git for Version Control
  • FreeMarker for HTML and Email Templating
  • Thymeleaf for Web Page Templating and Display
  • Bootstrap for Theming
  • JQuery and JavaScript when required for client-side web page functions

If you have questions about how we can help you build a website or cloud application, contact Dave. See our contact page for details.