WordPress Comment Redirector Plugin

The Comment Redirector plugin redirects users to a Google+ post where all comments for that post will be displayed and managed. The plugin displays a “Comments for this post are located at…” message at the bottom of each post. You can see the plugin in action here on NixMash, with a Comment Redirection message displayed at the bottom of each post.

Services like Facebook and Google+ embedded comment plugins that display comments on your blog are awesome. This plugin is for bloggers like me who want to move comment display off their blog completely, yet still make it easy for your visitors to comment if they wish.

I also created this plugin to centralize a post’s comments and associate them with a single Google+ permalink. For instance, Google+ embedded displays comments on your blog, below the post where comments normally appear. However, when a visitor posts a comment it creates a new Google+ post and thus disperses a post’s comments across Google+. The Comment Redirector gives you the ability to control the conversation and direct it to a single url.

The Plugin In Action: Redirecting a Post’s Comments to Google+

We’ll begin by showing the Comment Redirector plugin in action and walk through the process of adding a Comment Redirection message to a blog post.

1) First we create our blog post. We save it as we normally do in WordPress. No need to show a picture as we’ve all done it.

2) We create a Google+ Post to let people in our circles know of the new post on our blog.  We will be redirecting comments to this Google+ post. In case you didn’t know how to obtain the Google+ post url, it is the url of the post’s date circled below.

3) The Google+ Post Url is now entered as the blog post’s Comment Redirection Url property using the post Quick Edit Form.  Easy.

4) And that’s it!  The Comment Redirection message with the Google+ Post Url now appears at the bottom of the post.

Customizing the Comment Redirection Message Template

The default comment redirection message template is loaded automatically when you activate the plugin. Don’t worry about screwing something up when you customize the template, as you can always reload the default message template.  Here’s the Comment Redirection Settings page where you customize the comment redirection message template.

The Message Template substitutes 3 string values:

1. %comment_redirection_url%. This is the url of the Google+ post (or other service) where the post’s comments are displayed and managed
2. %plugin_url%. The location of the comment-redirector plugin used in urls for displaying images located in a plugin subdirectory
3. %post_title%. The title of the blog post.

Questions? Suggestions?

Should you have any technical questions please post it to the WordPress Plugin Support forum so I can help you resolve the issue.

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