Future Hashtag Search Page

This page serves as a placeholder for a future NixMash Links Search Page where you will be able to retrieve all NixMash links for a given hashtag.

The page will look something like this:


Hashtag: #eclipse

Creating Regions in Eclipse Java Classes Having come from Visual Studio I’ve become accustomed to using regions to fold code blocks in my C# class files. The Coffee-Bytes Plugin enables the same functionality in Eclipse. It’s an old plugin, but I’m using it with Kepler and it works great. NixMash Links for November 25, 2013

#eclipse, #regions

Creating JavaServer Pages Project in Eclipse Lots of screenshots. Very few words required. Walk-through of creating a JSP Project in Eclipse. NixMash Links for January 14, 2014

#jsp, #java, #eclipse


The links were added to NixMash Links posts directing you to this page because it will be much easier to add working search logic without having to go back and add all tag links to existing posts. I will announce in a NixMash post when hashtag searching is online.

Thank you for reading NixMash Links!