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Group of Independent Developers and Designers from Burlington, Vermont Linux Server and Desktop experts. All Linux all the time in flavors of Ubuntu and Linux Mint Lifelong adherents to the philosophy of Free Open Source Software licensing and distribution Decades of application design, product delivery and ongoing client support Home Office Business providing top shelf application development for less

About NixMash

NixMash is short for Linux Mashup, or all things Linux. Just as Linux is Open Source, the applications we build use Java, the Spring Framework, Gradle, MySQL, Apache Solr, Git, and other Open Source technologies. You can read how we use those technologies in our blog.

Our business model is building custom websites based on our NixMash Spring Open Source application. Security, Social Login, User Administration, Email Services, SEO Tracking, RSS,'s all baked in. We spent nearly 2 years building NixMash Spring, so when you build your site with us you get all of that work for free. Look at the great site we built for our client Dr. Bobbi Pritt of the Mayo Clinic as an example. In fact, this site was built on NixMash Spring, and you can download the source code from GitHub.

NixMash was founded by Dave Burke who has over 30 years of development experience in a variety of industries and environments. Think of NixMash as "Dave Burke and Friends." At NixMash you'll never have to deal with some Salesperson or Manager, but can work directly with Dave or the team developers and designers personally responsible for your project.

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